meeting beauty


We never know when beauty will appear. We can learn where to find it in life’s secret hiding places, in the least likely moments, and in apparently incompatible situations. In this view, knowing how to find a treasure we can keep for but a few seconds, will make us more aware and perhaps more grateful. Beauty, then, brings us back to the hear and now. In the presence of beauty it is harder to be distracted. To follow the way of beauty means to live in a state of mindfulness that does not admit distraction or escape. We are hear with our whole being. This is our Kairos, as it was called in ancient Greece: the moment of opportunity, the timeless instant when revelation comes.

~Paul Ferrucci

what is transient is the sweet memory of each moment releasing like rain- seen only from the inside of a window……

inquiry for today~   maybe you can look out and notice a framed moment…..draped in  light and shadow….what is beautiful?

how we sense the sacred

Maybe it is not our souls that get lost at all, but the rest of us that loses the soul. And sometimes we call the soul home in gentle whispers, sometimes shouting through noise that veils the soul’s sweet voice. And of course the broken heart, the lost soul, needs beauty, knows that beauty is healing, is helpful, even if there aren’t ready-made prescriptions in exact dosages. Beauty is an essential medicine, a food and a language. Beauty speaks to the soul in a grammar of pattern and color, harmony and rhythm. Beauty offers solace and quickening, the plain coherence of unadorned truth.

~J. Ruth Gendler

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