volatility as remembrance

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One of the biggest challenges on the spiritual path is to be able to get up from our meditation pillow and maintain our openness during the ordinary activities of daily life. Our fragmented, defended state was primarily created in relationships with other people, and so it is these encounters with other members of our own species that seem to be most rattling to our emerging sense of unity with the world around us.

To be bound up in other people is literally to live outside of our own body and self. Individuation is a process of increasing our inward contact with ourselves, toward the subtle, vertical core of the body. This deepens our perspective so that we relate to the world across increasing distance. When we pervade our body as fundamental consciousness, we feel more human. This basic sense of existing displaces our anxiety about ourselves, our self-consciousness. We experience each moment with our whole being.

~Judith Blackstone

we have minimized our own lives…….expand, expand, grow into your life….

inquiry for today~   reflect on how you live attentively…..

how will you reconnect?

Life is a mystery. Life is what we experience, and we cannot and do not know what the next moment of experience will be. While we live in a mystery, we reactively and automatically try to control what we experience. To be present in our lives, we have to let go of the illusion of control, and that is exactly what we do in meditation. Meditation comes down to one key principle: Return to what is already there and rest.

~Ken McLeod

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