principles of being


As we settle into the effortless ease of experiences being known, we can ask ourselves the illuminating question “Known by what?” and then look to see if there is anything to find. This is the great mystery: there’s nothing to find, no observer, no witness, and yet knowing happens. Although there is a profound simplicity to this realization, it is difficult to abide in the ease of “already pacified.” What keeps us from it is the endless flow of thoughts and images arising and passing in the mind.

Through a deepening recognition of selflessness, there is a surprising and growing sense of connection and intimacy. On the deepest level, we realize there is no one there to be separate, and the natural outgrowth of this realization is compassion.

Selflessness, then, is none other than love, not in the sense of a particular feeling, but as an activity, an awake, compassionate responsiveness to ourselves and the worlds we live in.

~Joseph Goldstein

when you finally are able to step outside of yourself, who is knocking to get in?

inquiry for today~   when you sense an opening, what shifts? how do you listen well?

just this

Before your individual thoughts, feelings, or perceptions arise and you reflect on yourself, wondering who or what you are, something is already there. Something is already alive. What is it? We call it beg self, real self, or true self, but actually it is the vastness of existence. When you see your reflection, it is coming from emptiness, but immediately it is going, returning to emptiness. The only thing that stays is the vastness of existence. This vastness is your true self. Sometimes vastness is personalized, and it’s called buddha. If you experience that emptiness, it is called buddhanature.

~Dainin Katagiri Roshi

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