the wisdom to not know

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Attachment gives way to appreciation. Politeness elevates to kindness. Honor elevates to integrity. Believing gives way to awe. Hope gives way to gratitude. Self-consciousness melts in the intimacy of self-forgetfulness. Unworthiness ceases in grateful humility.

Judgment evolves into discernment. Confusion gives way to clarity. Separation begins to dissolve in a growing experience of unity. Contraction-in-self eases into vastness, saturated with Being’s spaciousness. Conceptuality gives way to wisdom. Striving relaxes into the simple awareness of natural great peace. Defendedness melts into connection as indifference ceases in compassion. Seeking ends in the discovery of always-already grace, refuge.

There becomes here. Then becomes now. And love begins to flow.

~Kathleen Dowling Singh

our commonality lies here… the discretion of our universal values….

inquiry for today~   may you remember to take care of those mirrored back to you today….

inner ways

Hope starts the journey.

Faith sustains it.

But it ends beyond both hope and faith.

~Ram Dass

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