got any raw edges?

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Reality is inherently grounding. The more in touch with it we are, the more grounded we feel. This is as true of the facts of daily life as it is of our true nature. Life is multidimensional, ranging from the physical to the subtle to formless awareness. When we are in touch with physical reality, we feel physically grounded. When we know ourselves as open awareness, not separate from anything, we rest in and as our deepest ground that is sometimes called our homeground or groundless ground.

Many spiritual approaches try to cultivate these subtle qualities and experiences so that they become stronger or last longer. while these practices can enhance the quality of personal life, they can also fuel an endless self-improvement project and delay the discovery of true inner freedom.

~John Prendergast

the totality of our experiences make up who we are……and how we make sense of these is how we craft a life…….

inquiry for today~   each remembrance and cycle and interpretation is a new edge…a new opportunity…..

immensity of truth

I know there is a time to listen to the whole and a time to listen to the part, a time to listen for how things go together and a time to shut out everything so we can hear what lives beneath our masks. We listen differently if in a quiet wood or on a city street, if eager for daybreak or longing for sunset. We listen one way to what we’ve lost and another way to what we’ve found.

Our soul- with its insistence on finding the still point from which it keeps rising- carries us through the seasons of our lives. It is the silent center that keeps us sane. It helps to remember that the Earth is the still point around which the seasons turn. Likewise, the seasons of our lives have a common immovable ground, around which the weather of our lives unfolds. We all have different names for this immovable ground, but I call it spirit.

~Mark Nepo

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