like a prodigal old soul

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One day passes and another day comes along, and everything happens the same. But basically, we are so afraid of the brilliance coming at us, and the sharp experience of our life, that we can’t even focus our eyes. People struggle in all kinds of ways to realize and understand a higher level of vision. People are generally afraid to jump into a high-energy pool; they prefer to latch on to a moderate, toned-down, monotone energy. We want to shield ourselves from the reality of fear. We would like to see something very gentle and colorful.

Giving and opening oneself is not particularly painful, when you begin to do it. Once you give, once you open your eyes and ears and everything is completely cleaned up, when everything has been seen through completely, the end result is a sudden experience of precision.

~Trungpa Rinpoche

oh how many times will be lost and found? does the road home become more worn or more bedraggled?

inquiry for today~   what deep bone ache settles in the wan light of the day?


In our own life we know that when the Call to spiritual exploration comes there is a temptation to ignore it and do nothing. Once it begins, the Call is not easy to silence. The spiritual way, symbolically speaking, always starts at our own front door.

As we grow older, many of feel a sense of loss and diminishment. We’re not sure what it stems from exactly, and we tell ourselves we’ll get over it soon. The real problem is not necessarily related to concerns about getting older or physical decline. Its roots run deeper. But don’t despair, the masters say. Because there is a road back home. And there are still enough years to search for it and follow it.

As we proceed on the spiritual journey, a kind of miracle occurs. We begin to erase time. Isn’t this what we really want in our deepest hearts? To return to some resting place inside ourselves, outside of all frantic activity, outside of time, that we sense is waiting for us, calling to us at every moment of our lives?

The choice between searching for more and more stimulation in an endlessly stimulating world or searching for our souls is a choice each of us must make. What’s important is that we make this choice from a place of knowledge within ourselves rather than from a conditioned response to today’s deny-your-aging-at-all-costs mystique.

Pursue the Search with all your heart, and let the powers of light and love guide you home from there.

~Harry R. Moody

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