so finely revealed


To construct around oneself a cocoon

In which the spirit can grow, blossom

A quiet place, without commotion, upheaval

Conflict and competition and striving.

Everything at rest, I settle into my breath

And find life again.

Something absolute, life beyond words

It can’t be explained.

~Rod MacIver

we so easily shift from our vanity to an easeful repose when we look again….

inquiry for today~   how will you relate by seeing today?

mirror beauty’s ease

What is Beauty? Beauty is the experience that gives us a sense of joy and a sense of peace simultaneously. Other happenings give us joy and afterwards a peace, but in beauty these are the same experience.

Beauty is serene and at the same time exhilarating; it increases one’s sense of being alive. Beauty gives us not only a feeling of wonder; it imparts to us at the same moment a timelessness, a repose- which is why we speak of beauty as being eternal.

Beauty is the mystery which enchants us. Like all higher experiences of being human, beauty is dynamic, its sense of repose, paradoxically, is never dead, and if it seems to be dead, it is no longer beauty.

~Rollo May

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