one bite of perfect sweetness


What makes your heart sing?

What nourishes you?

What makes you smile?

What makes you thankful?

When you stay with your path, regardless

Through the ups and downs

Spring follows winter

Ina  way so beautiful, you’ve forgotten

That spring follows winter.

Your path needs time

Time to come into its own

There will be bewilderment

From dark to light to dark to light

It is still your path

Despite bewilderment.

Surrender to the call

Both graceful and demanding

Devotion is wholeheartedness.

And therein lies the greatest joy.

~Fritz Hull

may you be mesmerized by your life, the signs along the way, and the finer mysteries….

inquiry for today~   you may dream in the day of a certain light and be tuned in to sound and loved ones and clouds and rustling wind and passing laughter and sweet kindness….

taste your life

If at the soul’s core we are images, then we must define life as the actualization over time- if the originating seed image, what Michelangelo called the “imagine del cuor,” or the image in the heart, and that image- not the time that actualized it- is the primary determinant of your life.

~James Hillman

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