baptism for heavy hearts


Mindfulness meditation isn’t directed to creating and holding some special state; it’s learning to steady our attention on the present moment, finding a wise and compassionate relationship to this organic change of body and heart and mind that we are. We can then embody this loving awareness in every season.

For the mind to become steady, settled in the present moment in the midst of so much change, it is necessary to develop a degree of stability; that is called concentration. Concentration is the art of calming and steadying our attention, like a candle flame in a windless place. As we train ourselves to become mindful of breath and body, we can see more clearly, and be more deeply present. We experience a unity of our body, spirit, and mind. To live this way is wonderful.

The development of steady concentration comes through nurturing an inner peacefulness. As our meditative skill grows, we learn that the mind becomes concentrated not through strain and struggle, but from letting go of anxiety about the past and future, and relaxing into the present. This is a natural process. Through our steady, caring attention, again and again, a quality of calm interest begins to grow and the mind settles lightly into the moment.

~Jack Kornfield

how will you cleanse at the water?

inquiry for today~   water. can’t breathe. rise up. deep breath.

when that heavy heart begins to sag

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.

~Eckhart Tolle

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