when I see you in me


Ultimately we are not separate from any so-called inner or outer experience. We are all of it even as we are a highly individuated being. We are both undivided being and a unique begin- quite the paradox for the mind. Usually we approach our experience from the standpoint of a separate self: “I am someone, an apparent subject, who is experiencing an object such as a tormenting thought, an intense feeling, or uncomfortable sensation.” It is one thing to be close to our experience in the moment. It is another to close the gap entirely and actually be the experience without being fused or merged with it.

Allow yourself to experience a difficult emotion when it arises.

Sense it in your body.

Notice how and where it localizes.

Now simply be it. Be whatever it is that you are experiencing.

What happens?

~John Prendergast

that fine line between feeling and denying…..between shifting and holding on……

inquiry for today~   when you are vibrant, most alive, fearless and rooted……when?

where strength resides

I feel strong when I allow myself to choose my best good and to make decisions and react with mercy, love, and grace. So often I find that this surprises people. They call me “high-minded” or “emotionally mature.” The simple truth is that I am strong enough to remember that my emotions do not need to boss me around: I can choose to react gracefully in a situation; and/or that the person on the other end of a situation is a human being, too, with emotions of their own. I can choose mercy.

~Melissa Snyder

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