when change must come

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With the fruition of mindfulness, as the Buddhist scholar Steven Goodman says, “Increasingly one has moments- gaps in one’s addiction to confusion and fascination with the stuff of experience- when there is an open, nonconceptual enjoyment, when one experiences a kind of interior luminosity that always seems to be there, beyond confusions and manipulations.” Full stabilization can bring true liberation: the glimpses simply show us what is possible if we continue on the path.

Emotional alchemy operates at the psychological level, but spiritual alchemy takes us to depths in the mind where we can begin to free ourselves from far more subtle afflictions.

~Tara Bennett-Goleman

when I suffer, I understand you….

inquiry for today~   may your longing for peace and loveliness remind you of your holy days……

what feels far away

One of the most difficult things about hard times is that we often feel that we are going through them alone. But we are not alone. In fact, your life itself is only possible because of the thousands of generations before you, survivors who have carried the lamp on humanity through difficult times from one generation to another.

Grief and loss and suffering, even depression and spiritual crisis- the dark nights of the soul- only worsen when we try to ignore or deny or avoid them. The healing journey begins when we face them and learn how to work with them. When we stop fighting against our difficulties and find the strength to meet our demons and difficulties head on, we often find that we emerge stronger and more humble and grounded than we were before. To survive our difficulties is to become initiated into the fraternity of wisdom.

~Jack Kornfield

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