raw- and who am I?


G.I. Gurdjieff, Russian mystic, taught that human beings tend to imagine themselves as a seamless, continuous experience, but in reality we are made up of many small “I”s that arise in our consciousness, one after the other, each capturing our attention and convincing us that it is who we are. We do not notice that these “I”s are continually rotating within us, often arising as a conditioned response to our internal and external environments.

One of the critical errors we make is to believe that we are the subpersonalities that arise within us. Through a dedicated process of learning to observe our minds- a process that often spans decades- we become able to abide in a steady conviction that we are not our thoughts but that thought itself functions automatically. When this happens, we gain the possibility of becoming free from the shackles of our conditioning. When we identify with our thoughts, we become them. Our minds are so powerful that most human beings are slaves to their own conditioned thought patterns, unaware that the arising thoughts are but one minute aspect of who we are.

~Mariana Caplan

it takes time to understand…..and then we become intimate with ourselves, like it or not….

inquiry for today~   may your knowing seek this understanding……just a little today…….be easy- spiritual mastery is a grand illusion…….

how we become too much, too soon

I am not my fault.

~Wes Nisker

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