Thanksgiving peace


Mindfulness changes our relationship to the moments when we are most upset and distressed. Instead of seeing those moments in a purely negative light, if we bring mindfulness to them we can see the possibilities for change they offer. As the late Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa put it, “When problems arise, instead of being seen as purely threats, they become learning situations, opportunities to find out more about one’s own mind and to continue on one’s journey.”

Any time you wake up to what you are doing on automatic, bringing it into awareness more clearly, you are being mindful. Mindfulness helps us have wake-up moments when we need them most: in the midst of life, when our emotional reactions are in full swing.

~Tara Bennett-Goleman

bringing thoughtful perspective to this day of gratitude can go a long way….

inquiry for today~   allow both your loving and your challenging relationships to bring out your best intentions today….

for our families

What we know of other people

Is only our memory of the moments

During which we knew them. And they have

Changed since then.

We must

Also remember

That at every meeting we are meeting a Stranger.

~T.S. Eliot

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