watch the world go by

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The distractions that intrigue us in meditation are the very desires and questions that otherwise energize our interior life. To manage them, we need to create a stable posture, deepen and relax the flow of breathing, and quietly inspect the dynamics of our thinking. Instead of battling to suppress thoughts, we learn to calm automatic and instinctive reactions to them, and develop discrimination.

As the centering process deepens, awareness is transformed. We witness the internal stream of thoughts and images as if we have stepped gently away from it. Disentangled form its steady diet of associations and impressions, awareness is pervaded by a quiet sense of being present to itself. This state of mind is referred to as a state of self-remembering or mindfulness.

~Rolf Sovik

when we let go of the one who has to understand and fix everything…..

inquiry for today~   reignite your practice today….how can you find ease?

this inner freedom

Connecting to a larger view, we begin to conquer small-mindedness. No longer is our mind so cluttered by negativity, thick with drip. We keep meditating, contemplating, and trying to apply virtue in our daily life because doing so seems to make a difference. Our life is making more sense. Before, virtue was a theory, a place that we had heard about. Now we have experienced it firsthand. Abiding by the laws of karma has brought us the confidence of contentment. We know that virtue is the way to go. We feel lighter, as if our internal brilliance is buoying us up.

This levity is “nyingje”- compassion, noble heart. When our nobility is liberated, compassion and love flow freely. We are no longer caught in the trap of doubt. Doubt is that part of he mind that is obscuring our wisdom.

~Sakyong Mipham

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