hands to heart


When we open to abundance, we can enjoy the fog lifting from the morning’s melting snow, and the steam rising from the hot bowl of tomato soup on our lunch table. We can appreciate the half smile of the tired waitress, the silver crescent of the moon at twilight, the unstoppable laughter of children in the schoolyard, and celebrate the fact that we are here, breathing and alive, on this marvelous earth.

Our true nature is much greater than this. The abundant heart is already whole. We have all touched this at some time. The abundant heart embraces our world, holding all its joy and fear, gain and loss, nobility and selfishness, enveloped in a field of compassion and love.

With a full heart, sense that you can care for this beautiful and troubled world while receiving its blessings and adding your gifts to the whole.

~Jack Kornfield

so many days are long and fitful…..

inquiry for today~   it’s ok to admit our hardships and our awful fretting…..here is where we can begin with remarkable honesty…..

when there is no ground

Prayer is the counting of our blessings when that is such a difficult thing to do. When we least feel like it, when we would rather sink into the very ground and die ourselves, when we feel so terribly cursed, we are invited by prayer to affirm the power and the blessing of life itself. It is hard to feel hopeless when you are grateful.

Modernity is its own sort of plague. So many of us feel so much stress, anxiety and uncertainty each day. Yet so many miracles abound amid the hurry and the worry and the scurry of everyday life, and without prayer they are easy to miss. A friend calls this, “standing knee-deep in the river and drowning of thirst.”

~Steve Leder

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