our tired humanity


Here. right here, right now,

bring your mind to this place

and time. Invite it, even if it

resists, to sit and witness

what it is to be alive. Let

there be no ulterior motive

in this moment but to be.

Rest on the waves of breath

and choose to experience

all of it. Let thoughts float

through and leave again, as

the mind slowly settles like

snow inside a shaken


This is all there is. Here.

Right here and now.

~Danna Faulds

when you feel tired and small……..

inquiry for today~   so many moments of our lives come from looking out of a boxed-in window……we can remember to expand our view…..

a birthright

So the history of humanity as one people is now beginning. Endowed with all the wealth of the genetic and cultural diversity that’s evolved through past ages, the Earth’s inhabitants are now challenged to draw on our collected inheritance and take up, in a conscious and systemic way, the responsibility for the design of our future. This responsibility is one that can no longer be avoided.

We’re seeing revolutionary changes taking place in every sphere of life, and essentially, the interaction of two fundamental processes. One is essentially destructive, because old systems, old ways of thought, are proving their impotence, and they’re collapsing. At the same time, new ways of seeing are appearing, and new systems of thought. These new perspectives of where we could be or go are now in a kind of a gigantic contest with these old modes of thinking.

So we have to support one another, encourage one another, and build a system that honors the dignity of all people. I think the real challenge is to keep faith with the truth that’s humanity’s future, although we’re passing through a very challenging period.

~Michael Penn


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