the support of ritual


Put your hand on your heart

in you

there is power

there are ideas

no one has ever thought of

there is the strength to love

purely and intensely

and to be loved back

there is the power to make people happy

and to make people laugh

the power to change lives

and futures

don’t ever forget that power

and don’t ever

give up on it.


when we let go of cause and effect, we can honor the spaces of our lives that don’t fit…..

inquiry for today~   bringing light behind dark doors is a collective way to mark sacred time…….

to feel each eternal shift

In shamanic teachings, every spiritual act we perform is a ceremony. When we recognize the sacredness of each moment, miracles happen. When we slow down and perform ceremonies to honor the flow of life within and without, we learn how to follow the cycles of nature. When we reconnect to the lunar cycles and changes in seasons, we feel more embodied and attuned to our connection to the earth.

~Sandra Ingerman

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