kiss this day


You must not pity me because my 60th year finds me still astonished.

To be astonished is one of the surest ways of not growing old too quickly.


aging may call us to be kind to our younger self, to notice the wider view, and to lean into a deeper longing…..

inquiry for today~   how subtle are the forces that help you notice tenderness?

how to flow

If you ask me to define mindfulness, I would say prayer, and if you ask me to define prayer, I would say mindfulness. Each requires that we be present in order to affirm the extraordinary nature of ordinary things, to sanctify the mundane as something so much more than mundane. We pray to be aware, to be amazed by life, nature and love. we pray to demand of ourselves that we become more humane human beings.

We pray to thank God, or whatever words other than God that we can embrace; the Power behind all powers, the Power of the mountain and the sea, my children’s laughter, my wife’s shy smile, ripening fruit and flowers opening petals to the sun, the Power of the cosmos the quark, the Power of breath in our bodies each morning, the Power of awe and wonder. We pray out of gratitude to that God, that Force, that Power, that Miracle, that whatever-word-you-choose, which grants us life itself.

~Steve Leder

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