unaware & fitful


What is breath?  In contemplation, we invite our “illuminating intelligence”- our natural curiosity and wonder- to inquire deeply into the breath itself. Zhiyi encourages us to study closely its fine and subtle features as it moves in and out. “It is like a wind,” he says, “in the midst of space.” But let’s not take his word for it. What do you say? In this phase of the practice e ask that question wholeheartedly, bringing all of our physical and mental energy into the inquiry. What is breath?

This deep, direct, and sincere inquiry dialogue dislodges some of the staleness or stuckness or passivity that can occur in breath practice. It invites us into wonder, even awe. It is not that we answer the question but that we turn toward it, and in doing so become ever more intimate with the breath itself.

We are no longer meditating on a superficial idea of the breath- yeah, yeah, the breath, it goes in and out- but are turning toward the unfathomable suchness of the breath itself.

~Jiryu Rutschman-Byler

when you pause to breathe, you touch upon an ancient vein of meaning and calm…..

inquiry for today~   to notice the spaces in between the day with a full cycle of breath allows a kinder transition……simple and profound……

to shift

The creator made the senses look outward,

therefore one sees outward and not within.

But the wise turn inward, in order to see the soul.

~Katha Upanishad


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