for besties & beyond


Make art. Make time to listen.

Make dinner. Make a friend.

Make yourself laugh. Make peace.

Make a playlist of all the good old school songs.

Make room in your schedule just to try something new.

Make room on your desk for your favorite book.

Make noise about what is lovely and true.

Make the most of every day.

No matter what comes your way.

~Morgan Harper Nichols

each interaction has the potential to elevate the heart……

inquiry for today~   imagine laughter and a kind moment with a dear friend when you need a reminder of how easy shift can happen…..

heart to heart

With a greater awareness of who you are as well as a deeper understanding of how you define a friend and what type of friend you are in return, it can clear a path to choosing people with whom to spend time.

A friend isn’t made in an instant. They don’t come in the hundreds. In fact, they’re more likely to be counted on the fingers of one or two hands. They’re people in whose company I feel safe to be myself. I’m able to show my vulnerable side, express my emotions, and share my secrets. When I’m with them, I feel supported, strong, and empowered to grow into the greatest version of myself.

~Catherine Kielthy

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