extend your grace


Lovingkindness or metta in Pali, is the primal, intrinsic energy of the heart that also shares the experience of the present moment with mindfulness. Meeting the moments of our lives as they arise with full and accepting loving attention- not needing the moment to be anything more or less than it is- is an act of kindness. This is why in the practice of mindfulness we are told that even if a judgmental mind should arise in meditation with overwhelming thoughts of right and wrong, good and bad, worthy or unworthy, we should invite our selves not to judge the judgment. It isn’t only that we judge others or ourselves, we can also beat up ourselves for beating up on ourselves. In this way we pour fuel on a fire that’s already raging. When we refrain from judging the judgment, the fires begin to cool on their own. This may seem counterintuitive, but the moment we do not judge ourselves we apply the full force of our heart, of metta, and begin to dissolve the judgment itself. This is the transformative quality of kindness within mind-heartfulness practice.

~Larry Yang

we will never be who we think we should be, could be, want to be…..human nature is tricky, yes?

inquiry for today~   our skillful intentions are not another path to self-improvement…..allow your intentions today to notice the simple grace of how you are….

when I forget how to be

Since I was a young man, I’ve tried to understand the nature of compassion. But what little compassion I’ve learned has not come from intellectual investigation, but from my actual experience of suffering.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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