how to stop fighting


Ignorance means you are standing in the middle of a world so vast and deep that your intellect cannot grasp it. When your intellect cannot stand up in the vastness of life, you become confused and carried away by your ignorance. In Buddhist terms, that is called dukkha, or suffering. Suffering creates arrogance, and arrogance creates criticism and hatred. Then human life becomes very messy.

To practice patience doesn’t mean to suppress some feeling; it means to accept the whole universe. We practice patience in the human world because human life exists simultaneously with eternal life. Real patience is the great patience of the whole universe. Even though your human eyes cannot see everything clearly, you can be quiet, accept the whole universe, and throw yourself into the place where all sentient beings coexist in peace and harmony.

Stand up there, deal with a situation straightforwardly, as best you can, and then let it go. Having an experience and letting it go allows you to grow in the domain of great patience.

~Dainin Katagiri Roshi

maybe it’s ok to feel it all, to not be ok, and to hold the sadness all around us….

inquiry for today~   check in with what it’s like to not be ok and to be ok with not being ok…….

allow it all to move through

A meditation practice that trusts in the dreamlike quality of life is like this. We meet whatever happens, come into relationship with it, and take another step. And we do this without the certainty that we are right- indeed, knowing that whatever we choose will in some way be a mistake. To trust the dream of life is to be at ease with the provisional nature of things.

It’s as though there is a communal dreaming going on underneath everything, a great river of co-creation where our individual dreams, our individual lives, touch and are touched by the dreams of others, and that is how our common world is made.

Needless to say, our co-creations aren’t always benign. We are equally capable of making nightmares like ethnic cleansing and impenetrable trances like fundamentalism. And there are the pinched daydreams of gossip and grudges and self-deception. When we run into this recalcitrant stuff, we sometimes fall back on distortions of the ocean and wave perspectives: either nothing matters because it’s all empty, or everything is a mess, and that’s all that matters. But if we can rest in the dreamlike quality of life, if we find it moving rather than problematic, then the natural view is something like, “Oh, my radiant, completely empty son, it’s time for dinner; you must be hungry.” By which I mean, to experience the dreamlike quality of life is to understand that there is something mysterious at the heart of things, something we can’t figure out or get control of.

~Roshi Joan Sutherland



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