I saw you- really saw you


Pause practice can transform each day of your life. It creates an open doorway to the sacredness of the place in which you find yourself. The vastness, stillness,and magic of the place will dawn upon you, if you let your mind relax and drop for just a few breaths the story line you are working so hard to maintain. If you pause just long enough, you can reconnect with exactly where you are, with the immediacy of your experience.

Just do it over and over and over. Allow a gap, gap, gap. Allow yourself the space to realize where you are. Realize how big your mind is.

~Pema Chodron

you can ride off into the sunset with your best friend through metaphor and a living dream……

inquiry for today~   making meaning is about noticing what is there under all of that striving…….

sunrise, sunset

In 1 minute,

60 seconds or

60,000 milliseconds

today will be gone

and today is yesterday and

tomorrow is today.

What a terrifying concept

something can pass

ever so quickly

and we never give it

a second glance.

Think about it.

All of the things you’ve

done today,

the lists you’ve made,

places you’ve been,

things you’ve touched,

songs you’ve heard,

conversations you’ve had

will soon become a memory,

or even worse,

it will be forgotten.

Lost amongst your yesterdays.


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