Christmas Eve’s mementos


You can practice letting go of yourself from the subtle core. As the subtle core of the body, we experience life without gripping or grasping at it. We allow life to be exactly as it is, to flow. As we unravel the knot of our being from the subtle core of the body, we can actually feel that we are disentangling from all the content of our experience. We are becoming free. There is a sense that who we really are is literally letting go of whatever we are not.

Once we have awakened to the spiritual dimension of ourselves, we live in an ongoing experience of unity, or inseparability, with everything that we encounter. We live in a dimension of spaciousness and stillness that renders all experience fundamentally equal. This “one taste” experience is also a dimension of luminosity and sweetness or, as we become more open, blissfulness. The unity, brightness, and bliss of spiritual consciousness infuse all of our relationships, with people, with nature, and even with inanimate things.

In the spiritual dimension of ourselves, we are free. This is not a freedom from life and it i a freedom of life. It means that our being itself is free and that our awareness, love, and sensation are available to receive and respond to life.

~Judith Blackstone

there may be no hindrances in the moments before realization…

inquiry for today~   in whatever meaning you give to this dark night, seep into it with your finest and most quiet heart……

our holy truths

If the truths are so simple and everybody knows them, why do we need any spiritual practice? After all, some people seem naturally wise. For the rest of us, intellectual knowing doesn’t seem to be enough. Spiritual practice offers the possibility of knowing in a visceral way, in a way that is transformative. In the Buddhist texts, this transformation is called the development of wisdom. You can’t see wisdom, But you can see its reflection. Its reflection is happiness, fearlessness, and kindness.

~Sylvia Boorstein


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