this Christmas of the heart

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“No matter what the hurt within us, we can seek to be reconciled.” Whether we are spending the holidays with family or not, and even if we cannot or should not speak to the other, we can find the courage to hold reconciliation and goodwill in our own heart. We can contribute to the healing of the world.

This doesn’t mean we have to fix or change them—or even stay near them if their actions are harmful. It means we can see them with the eyes of compassion—we can put ourselves in their shoes and listen to them with a more understanding and open heart. We can wish them well. This is an invitation to reconciliation.

Remember, reconciliation and living with compassion does not mean we have to personally repair every difficulty in our extended family and community. Compassion is a state of heart, not co-dependence. In true compassion we do not lose our own self-respect or sacrifice ourselves blindly for others. Compassion is a circle that encompasses all beings, including ourselves.

~Jack Kornfield

may this Christmas light find you diving into your own way of being true to your sacred intentions of trust, hope, and kindness…..

inquiry for today~   may you find moments of true reflection today…..Merry Christmas….

hold lightly

Character- the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life- is the source from which self-respect springs.

~Joan Didion

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