a New Year to live into your inner life


As you begin the New Year, take some time to sit and quietly reflect. If today you were to set or reaffirm a long-term intention, a vow, your heart’s direction, what would it be? It might be as simple as “I vow to be kind.” It might be an intention to dedicate yourself to the healing or care of others, or to fearlessly express your creativity in the world. Once you have a sense of your long-term dedication, write it down. Then put it someplace where you keep special things. Now, as you go through the year, let it be your compass- your underlying direction- in spite of changing outer circumstances. Let it carry you.

~Jack Kornfield

your word to yourself is impeccable, real, and kind….

inquiry for today~   what will it mean for you to be fully alive this year?

how to reignite

Who doesn’t love the promise of new beginning the New Year offers? St. Benedict described his Rule as a Rule for beginners, reminding us to always begin again. In Buddhism, an essential practice is beginner’s mind. When we think we have become an expert at things, especially the spiritual life, we are in trouble.

Living into the mystery of things helps us to release our hold on needing to know the answers. One of the things the monk and artist have in common is a love of mystery, a willingness to sit in the place of tension and paradox until it ripens forth.

New Year’s resolutions often come from a place of lack, or of thinking we know how to “fix” ourselves. Embracing mystery, on the other hand, honors our profound giftedness and depth and acknowledges that coming to know ourselves and God is a lifetime exploration.

So my invitation to you, dear monks and artists, is to shift your thinking this year. Welcome in ambiguity. Learn to love the holy darkness of mystery. Dance on the fertile edges of life. Let what you love ripen forth.

~Christine Valters Paintner

2 thoughts on “a New Year to live into your inner life

  1. “A willingness to sit in the place of tension and paradox until it ripens forth.” I think that’s where I am, though all my usual immediate ideas of things to do, people to help, ministries i could start or join….fight for attention and urge me to DO something. Thank you for this. I have missed reading your blogs. I stopped getting notices of many of the favorite blogs. Perhaps because for the last two years I have not had the luxury of time to read many blogs. I have written some blogs as a journal for myself to hear what was going on inside me and to find strength through perspective. But I guess if I don’t go to others’ blogs, they quit coming by email to me. Hopefully this will get me back into the stream.

    • wonderful to have you here! sorry you weren’t receiving notices….this is frustrating and has happened to others….will be listening to hear what you DO:)

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