you are wacky down deep

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When we realize in our own experience that happiness comes not from reaching out but from letting go, not from seeking pleasurable experience but from opening in the moment to what is true, this transformation of understanding then frees the energy of compassion within us. Our minds are no longer bound up in pushing away pain or holding on to pleasure. Compassion becomes the natural response of an open heart.

When we settle back and open to what’s happening in each moment, without attachment or aversion, we are developing a compassionate attitude toward each experience.

Compassion grows from proximity to suffering. It is a response to the obvious suffering that we can observe in the world around us, and it is a response to understanding the very deepest causes of our bondage.

~Joseph Goldstein

oh how we forget why we need to be kind….

inquiry for today~   try a little pause today simply to remember why…..

consider a shift

When we feel responsible, concerned and committed,

we begin to feel deep emotion and great courage.

~Dalai Lama

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