how to express wonderment

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When we live with integrity, we further enhance intimacy with ourselves by being able to rejoice, taking active delight in our actions. Rejoicing opens us tremendously, dissolving our barriers, thereby enabling intimacy to extend to all of life. Joy has so much capacity to eliminate separation that the Buddha said, “Rapture is the gateway to nirvana.”

The enlivening force itself is rapture. It brightens our vitality, our gratitude, and our love. We begin to develop rapture by rejoicing in our own goodness. These reflections open us to a wellspring of happiness that may have been hidden from us before.

~Sharon Salzberg

feel into your curiosity and passionate expansiveness….your true capacity to flourish….

inquiry for today~   maybe it’s a perfect winter night to be outside, look up and move like the dark wind……in this moment and then this moment…..

an exquisite moment

Right down to the most ordinary events in life, everything is much more extraordinary than we give it credit for. To engage with the true nature of ourselves- with the mysterious and overwhelming quality of existence- requires us to pay attention, to be present, and not to sleepwalk through the next moment and the next day and the next week and the next year.

It requires us to endeavor to bring even a deeper sense of consciousness and awareness to each moment. When we are contemplating the universe, we are the universe contemplating itself, and that may be the most wondrous and extraordinarily profound aspect of our whole life.


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