yes. I know.


Whether there is a Creator who loves the world, I cannot pretend to know. But we are the ones, we humans with our insatiable appetites and disruptive technology, who need to love our bit of the world, this magnificent planet. Think of how you love your child, if you have a child, or how you love the children of others- the toddlers learning to walk and the kids pumping their legs on swings.

Think of how you love whatever you passionately love: music, flowers, painting, poetry, baseball, language, dance, the first frog calls of spring, the return of sandhill cranes, the sound of rain on a metal roof, the full moon on  a clear night sky, the splash of the Milky Way, every atom and whisper of the one with whom yous hare your bed. That is how we must love the world.

~Scott Russell Sanders

reel in your expectations, your assumptions, your confidence….

inquiry for today~    what is beginner’s mind anyway?  how will you find your real and solid bones?

mix n’ match your life

There is a clarity that comes from finding out what the most important thing is to you. When I talk to people, especially when I am teaching, I often ask, “So what is your spiritual life all about? What is the focus? What do you want?” People answer, “Enlightenment,” to which I reply, “What does that mean to you?”

I am asking people to tell me, not what they have been sold, but what they want.

If we never question, then we focus our life on whatever we are conditioned to focus on, until one day we realize: What I have focused on was not that important to me.

Nobody can give this to us. No spiritual teacher, no matter how wise, and no teaching, no matter how profound, can be a substitute for discovering what is important to you.


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