be a sweet valentine

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To live an authentic life is a creative act to eternally evolve into the person you want to be; it is a self-directed process of making choices that feel right rather than externally imposing behaviors or emulating others.

~Sara Maitland

those hearts rain down

a day of love requires courage….to tell the truth… stand up for those less fortunate… own our stories……

inquiry for today~   love is about your heart’s delight….remember that?

It is clear there won’t be a single Buddhism in the West. These express the 10,000 skillful means of awakening: through devotion and meditation, direct pointings and transmission, myth and story, community and ritual, wise heart and wise society. Even though they can glare at each other across the divide these perspectives complement each other. We need them both. And true to capitalism, the dharma is being packaged and sold. Some people are worried about the watering down of the dharma, the secular selling without a deeper foundation. History laughs. Let it spread in 10,000 forms. The dharma can take care of itself! It is magnificent, the timeless truth, the reality of life.

I say let the dharma spread and become so common it becomes an invisible understanding, enhancing humanity in every field. Let it foster virtue, inner well-being, respect for basic human dignity, care for all life, and the awakening of freedom.

Let these seeds of goodness flower in a 1,000 forms.

It doesn’t even have to be called Buddhism.

Let’s just call it love.

~Jack Kornfield

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