from what I can offer

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I sit up late dumb as a cow,

which is to say

somewhat conscious with thirst

and hunger, an eye for the new moon

and the morning’s long walk

to the water tank. Everywhere

around me the birds are waiting

for the light. In this world of dreams

don’t let the clock cut up

your life in pieces.

~Jim Harrison

what are you really aware of? does that question reveal or stagnate?

inquiry for today~   realignment connotes a certain self-forgiveness, a certain quality of existential witnessing……

try to feel

“Once I conclude that I am or am not a certain kind of person or have a certain identity, it affects what I do and how I react to things and I respond to other people on the basis of both my and their identity,” Mark Leary, psychology professor and author of ‘The Curse of the Self,’ explains. “We each are really a certain kind of person with a certain personal history and a configuration of traits, abilities, beliefs and other characteristics, but people can have an identity that is not consonant with how they really are. I suspect that most of us have self-beliefs that differ from how we really are. A person’s identity is simply the set of beliefs about who they are.”

To reveal your true nature means to embrace vulnerability and all that you feel necessary to hide in the first place and, perhaps, confront some of the negative choices you might have made while living a life so far removed from your authentic self. Fortunately, through mindful practice, acts of power and raised awareness, it’s possible to remember and love the real you without shame or struggle.

~Ruby Deevoy

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