lost. maybe found.


When we try to identity our deepest self by eliminating all the nonessential elements, it is elusive. Is there one who feels in the absence of feelings or who thinks in the absence of thoughts? When we dream, is there a dreamer, or is the one who is dreaming only found within the dream?

When we first encounter such questions, they seem rhetorical. But they lie at the core of nondual spirituality and, if seriously investigated, lead us directly to the paradoxical nature of our being. It gradually dawns on us that it is as impossible to separate our self from what we are experiencing as it is to separate a flame from the fire.

~John Greer

our wild imaginations are our best connection to our deepest knowing….

inquiry for today~   when you are lost, how do you find your way back? or perhaps you forge a new path- releasing the old ways?

how to make me smile

There is a level of absence, and it is that which has not vanished, but that which has not yet arrived. We all live in a pathway in the middle of time, so there are lots of events, people, places, thoughts, experiences still ahead of us that have not actually arrived at the door of our hearts at all.

This is the world of the unknown. Questions and thinking are ways of reaching into the unknown to find out what kind of treasures it actually holds. The question is the place where the unknown becomes articulate in us. A good question is something that always, in some way, plows the invisible furrows of absence to find the nourishment and the treasure that we actually need.

~John O’Donohue

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