forgive the clouds


It has been a long day at my desk, staring at a computer; my brain cells feel wrung dry with too much cogitation. Late afternoon, the fog has lifted on the hilltops above my house and I decide to venture out o a hike to clear my head and connect with what I love most: this pulsing earth.

We tend to think of consciousness as skin bound, brain tethered. However, in nature we can sense something vaster- and that something larger senses us. And from here our perception and understanding transforms. We start to think from this bigger perspective.

I teach my nature-based meditation work, in part, because we have lost the art and ability to know how to be nature. We are mostly busy doing nature.

We can attune to our senses and see how they support present-moment awareness. We realize the body and its sensory nature are always present. By practicing outside, we discover how nature constantly allures our awareness to its beauty, complexity, diversity, and simple miracles.

~Mark Coleman

we look for 10 tips to a better life……we fail to make change….

inquiry for today~   stepping outside is one of our most underestimated tools of remembering….

radiating a vision

Grace received, or grace given- either can give meaning to a solitary existence. But if we can enter one parallel world, why not another- and another the next day? As we constantly pursue new dimensions we can become increasingly aware of a oneness in the universe, a meaning and hope, that can transcend loss and loneliness.

Just a day at a time.

~James Breckenridge

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