breath without trying

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When everything is beyond your speculation, there’s nothing else you can do but take care of what’s right in front of your right now. This is trusting in the connection you feel to your own activity rather than to any results of it. Not that you don’t want results, not that you don’t care about your future security, but right here intros moment, you engage with your life because you are alive in this moment, you engage with your life because you are alive and crave to be connected to everything. Just because you are alive, just because you are a human being, you raise your banner of truth wherever you are, without anticipating any result or expecting that you will be able to control something through the raising of your banner. The control is something extra. You do it because it is there to be done.

~Darlene Cohen

it’s never a waste to reconsider your way….

inquiry for today~   do you notice change today? is it in the way of where you want to be?

standing alone

The fundamental nature of the breath is that, like life, it is constantly changing. The breath oscillates. It rocks us to and fro, fills and empties us, expands and condenses. One of the easiest ways to begin to perceive this natural flow of the breath is to learn to recognize the basic movements in the body that are present during breathing. Movement tells you where the breath is moving- and where it is not. Recognizing these movements is the first step in getting to know your breath.

When the challenges of life seem too great to handle, or things aren’t going as smoothly as we planned, we may try to stop the natural flow of events by unconsciously restricting these movements. We stop our breath as a way of attempting to bring life under our command. Because there is such a strong tendency to restrict the movement of the breath, the second step in reclaiming the breath is to begin to notice how we are preventing the breath from entering and leaving the body freely. Neither step involves great effort or adding anything, but both require the cultivation of self-awareness or self-reflective consciousness.

~Donna Farhi

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