pretty little ways

There is a beautiful complexity of growth within the human soul. In order to glimpse this, it is helpful to visualize the mind as a tower of windows. Sadly, many people remain trapped at the one window, looking out every day at the same scene in the same way. Real growth is experienced when you draw back from that one window, turn, and walk around the inner tower of the soul and see all the different windows that await your gaze. Through these different windows, you can see new vistas of possibility, presence, and creativity. Complacency, habit, and blindness often prevent you from feeling your life. So much depends on the frame of vision — the window through which you look.

~John O’Donohue

sometimes it’s not really about you or us or our little ways….

inquiry for today~ where are you caught up in your tiny dramas?

offered without a name

Today’s blessing is for the Numinous ones who feel tangled.

May you understand that a life lived with eyes open can feel complex and overwhelming.

May you understand that being simple and uncomplicated is not necessarily a virtue.

May you honour your own complexity and tend generously to the multitude of possibilities, feelings, understandings and wonderings in your being.

May you hold the whole of your Self as sacred, not wishing to cut off any parts that may seem too much.

May you have others around you who revel in the allness of you and find being with you enhances their lives.

May you have the patience with yourself if you are called to, to untangle any part. 

May you be judicious in allowing elements to rise and fall away.

May what you weave with the many strands of your experience be a vessel to safely hold your own immensity.

~numinous Jane

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