why the sun tells stories

The field of the heart contains within it everything you are, everything that is within you. Every thought you have, every unmet desire, psychological need, and wound. Most of these things are unconscious. It is in meeting them in the mirror, in the reflections given back to you from the phenomena of the world, that you see them and begin to make peace with them, to know them, to work them through, to reintegrate them into yourself.

Your are shaped by this interaction with world in the way you are meant to be shaped. In your nonlinear, unprogrammed waking through the world, you find the things you need to find. A certain kind of morality begins to emerge. You begin to take on the luminous quality present in healthy ecosystems, in old-growth forest, in mountains.

True morality begins to emerge of itself. The continual exchange of soul essence, of heart-field, of communications with the wildness of the world allows the wildness of the world, and its essential morality, to enter within.

~Stephen Harrod Buhner

when a flash of understanding comes upon you….

inquiry for today~ how is your day-to-day intention lifting you up? elevating your ability to listen to the heart’s calling?

what is meaning?

The world is the the place of soul making.

~John Keats

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