how to love again

Just beyond yourself-

There is a road 



When you see

the two sides 

of it

closing together

at that far horizon

and deep in 

the foundations

your own 


at exactly

the same


that’s how

you know 

it’s where



to go.

That’s how

you know

it’s the road



to follow.

That’s how

you know

you have

to go.


how you know.

It’s just beyond



where you 

need to be.

~David Whyte

and I keep forgetting and then poetry brings me back home….

inquiry for today~ imagine a long day of ruminating and seeking light…..

from sad to knowing

All it takes is one blue rowboat tied to a buoy,

and its reflection, and this moment

for me to go remembering everything.

Then a murmur, the sound of water lapping,

the breeze snapping, and the way the leaves

resist the letting go, or don’t…

the wheels of a bicycle soaring downhill

with some gravity-glad rider—

all of it, all of it complicit.

What I’m talking about is the sheer, shimmering

faith of the rope that connects the boat to the buoy

and the hands that tied the knot, and the fathers

who teach their sons and daughters

these simple things I see all day

and sometimes, not at all.

Moments like this become miracle, oracle,

and my heart knows again that the whole world—

this one—is just my own face in the mirror,

and I know that I am the boat and the buoy

and the rope—and like faith, that holy smoke—

I am brilliant, and bobbing, and blue. 

~Lisa Starr

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