how many gifts is enough?

Generosity allies itself with an inner feeling of abundance- the feeling that we have enough to share. This sense is not based on an objective standard. Once of the great joys that come from cultivating generosity is the understanding that not matter how much we have by the world’s standards, if we know that we have enough, we can always give something. We can share; we can open; we can express our lovingkindness in this way. How do we develop this sense of inner abundance? Through my years fo spiritual practice, I have held a certain question as my guiding principle. “What do I really need, right now, in this moment, in order to be happy?”

The world will offer you a lot of answers to that question: you definitely need a new this a different that. But what do you really lack right now? Does anything really need to change? The whole tenor of spiritual practice is turning things around, reconditioning, getting out of that endless, aching craving. If we have the courage to defy our conditioning, we loosen grading and clinging and discover an entirely different kind of happiness. What we come to realize eventually is that only something as vast and deep as the truth will really make us happy. And that truth is in this very moment, as we see things as they actually are, as we let go of each state as it arises and passes away, seeing it as it actually is, being able to let go continually as all these different states arise, and allowing them to pass away.

The radiant face of giving is one of the truly beautiful expressions of our own goodness. Let us delight in that goodness. The universal wish to be happy is beneficial; it is skillful; it motivates us to skillful action. Let us rejoice I our ability to make appropriate choices, to cultivate the good, to let go of the which harms us and causes us suffering. This appreciation will give us the confidence and joy we need in order to keep practicing, to keep opening, to keep developing qualities and actions that may feel difficult, unconventional, or unfamiliar to us.

None of us does these things perfectly; that is why we call our efforts “practice.” We practice generosity toward others, and we practice it toward ourselves, over and over again. The power of giving grows until it becomes like a great flowing waterfall, until it becomes so natural for us the this is who we are.

~Sharon Salzberg

how do you know when the heart has truly arrived?

inquiry for today~ this humble and simple wish for living better will serve you well…..

when there is enough kindness

With an eye made quiet

by the power of harmony

and the deep power of joy

we see into the heart of things.

~William Wordsworth

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