no way, I just don’t know

The basic platform upon which any mind-body practice operates is attention. Meditation involves, first and foremost, a fine-tuning of attention. Attention represents the precision- the efficient attunement- of neural connections and networks in processing information. When we pay attention through practice, we fine-tune the connections in the brain involved in the specific experience, so attention is the mechanism that enables neuroplasticity. As we practice remaining attentive to the breath or to a particular bodily sensation in yoga or meditation, we strengthen the neural pathways involved in their detection, and we thereby become more sensitive to such signals as they arise.

~Mariana Caplan

what is inevitable? who cares about how it all unfolds? doesn’t it all just do that anyway?

inquiry for today~ how would you love better? if you could you would?

a spiritual diagnosis

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

~Carl Jung

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