your body hears you

Releasing our tension requires softness. It does not require knowing all the answers to whatever may come up. We don’t need to figure everything out. We just need to give ourselves kind and friendly space to receive not only our first uncomfortable thought or feeling but every uncomfortable thought or feeling. If we can trust the ground to support us, we can open more fully to what we discover. It’s like allowing our breath to come in. We don’t have to do anything. We simply need to welcome it.

~Jillian Pransky

and from the feet up we listen, exquisitely, for news to come….

inquiry for today~ what does it mean to say yes to all you feel?….

listen to your body breathing

By learning to say the word no, we compassionately bring space, acceptance, and openness to challenging experiences. In asana, this means feeling into the sensations no as a contraction or resistance in the body and allowing it to be there and soften as we place kind attention on it. We keep saying yes with words, our inner attitude, and slight self-adjustments in our posture until we find a small yes to our belief that things should be other than they are. This practice shifts our relationship with our contraction, often brings about more space within us, and lessens or changes the contraction itself.

Somatically and psychologically saying yes to any amount of internal no acts as a kind of emotional asana, and people often report experiencing tremendous relief in being able to let their no simply be present in their conscious experience. Finally, just like any other asana, our ability to say yes to the no grows with gradual and sustained practice over time.

~Mariana Caplan

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