why would you want to follow?

Transformative journeys start with a wake-up call: For some, it arrives as a sudden, intuitive recognition. But just as often, the call may come through an external crisis. Evolutionary biologist Elisabet Sahtouris has written that stress is what creates evolution in nature: Plants grow through pruning. Human beings grow the same way. When we’re faced with a situation that we can’t control or change with our current level of understanding and skill, evolutionary stress arises and impels us to question, seek, practices nd eventually take a deep outside of our comfort zones into higher levels of awareness.

Stress is uncomfortable and, for some, downright disturbing. But in science and in spirituality, important breakthroughs are often preceded by a period of intense frustration or impasse. In this impasse, the answers emerge from a momentarily still mind. Often, it takes the form of an insight, like a download from the Source while resting or taking a walk.

Spiritual breakthroughs follow a similar pattern. You search for answers with intense curiosity and intention. Great teachers off the path of self-inquiry sought to answer the question, “Who am I really?”

The period following a wake-up call often requires letting yourself live in the stress of unanswered questions and unsolved problems. It’s a time of intense effort and practice- of longing for wisdom, for change. This intensity breeds Tapas, or transformative heat- burning off bad habits through purification, refining your vessel, and opening your psyche for revelation and insight.

~Sally Kempton

this sweet blossoming arrives when we meet ourselves at the door…..carrying flowers……maybe a curtsy and a bow….

inquiry for today~ alight with the fine art of summertime, the time of gleaning……

end time

The seed of insight is in us, but it’s obscured by layers of ignorance, sorrow, and disappointment. When we practice mindfulness, we see the seed of awakening in everyone, including ourselves. In the process of learning, reflecting, and looking deeply our view becomes increasingly wise. When we practice mindful living, Right View will blossom. With Right View, we see the way to go, and our seeing gives us faith and energy, based on our real experience. If we feel better after walking meditation, we’ll have the determination to continue the practice. When we see walking meditation bringing peace to others, we’ll have more faith in the practice. With patience, we can discover the joy of life that is around us.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

2 thoughts on “why would you want to follow?

  1. Yet we buy stress to live, in work, in our choices every day, we never shake off the selling of our souls … the thirty pieces of silver we all trade every day :-/

    • I appreciate those moments when I “wake up” a little more- it usually shows up as “letting go” of something….how amazing it is that we live so unaware…..

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