a cup. and a cover story.

It’s a hard one, this “gratitude for the difficulties, the unknowns, the heartbreaks.”  I am here to remind us: gratitude changes the chemistry of the brain. As we outlive the feelings, so much becomes possible, all eventually relaxes into perfection and ease.
Do you have something in your life you did not choose?  Something that, as it approached, you railed against, fist to the sky.  You tried to halt its arrival. Let me guess—it happened, anyway. With hindsight, can you look to that situation, can you see the gifts that emerged?
I do not write this to take away the pain.  I do not write this to eject ourselves from the human experience, the inevitability of the pain of living.
Pain is mandatory.
I write this to remind us, to give our hearts courage, to give us the strength—to keep going.
Suffering is optional.
Please send on your leap of faith, your situations that eventually opened into the next gift, the next iteration, the next unfold-mend of your life.
~Aruni Futuronsky

your “unfold-mend” is where you can’t turn back….

inquiry for today~ how is your day exposed to “natural awareness?”

practice as process

Having purified the great delusion,

the heart’s darkness, the radiant light

of the unobscured sun continually rises.

~Dudjom Lingpa Rinpoche

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