this little glimpse in

Any moment, however simple, can be transformative- it all depends on the quality of our attention. By stopping and paying attention to some fo the everyday aspects of our existence, we can wake up to every unique moment of our lives: the particular expression on our child’s face as we say goodbye in the morning, the way the wind blows the sycamore trees on this day compared to others, the unique individual bank teller you encounter. The beauty of life is in the day-do-day details that we can miss when we forget to stop and observe what is before us in each new moment. From the perspective of mindfulness, every moment has value and is worthy of being present to. When we practice the art of stopping, we can enjoy the blessings of nature that are always on our doorstep. We must simply take the time to stop and listen, open our eyes and our senses, and cease being consumed by our tumble dryer of thoughts.

~Mark Coleman

how do you know you are not quite right? is it mirrored in nature?

inquiry for today~ where ya wanna go? maybe a little walk in the neighborhood to reground my perspective?….maybe a long walk……

the basic feeling of how one is

“Time,” says Jorge Luis Borges, “is the substance I am made of. Time is a river that carries me away, but I am the river.” Our movements, our actions, are extended in time, as are our perceptions, our thoughts, the contents of consciousness. We live in time, we organize time, we are time creatures through and through. But is the time we live in, or live by, continuous, like Borges’s river? Or is it more comparable to a succession of discrete moments, like beads on a string?

~Oliver Sacks

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