a sweetness

When we live connected to our natural awareness, we have an ongoing experiential sense of well-being that can counteract the depression and anxiety that paralyze so many of us. Individual transformation is the beginning. by engaging natural awareness, may of us have an experiential sense of connectedness, and from this comes compassion. As we practice, we move from the theoretical to the embodied sense that we are connected; we come to know intuitively that doing harm to other is like harming ourselves or our lived ones. We begin with the willingness to listen, to not hold so tightly to our views, and to truly be in the presence of another without an agenda/

~Diana Winston

when I feel too much, I look to the dawn….

inquiry for today~ your aloneness may be your inner strength……

be empty

In the process of healing and growing we do not completely disown or leave behind old ways of relations to the world. It is simply that new ways of relating are added to our repertoire, and a measure of awareness and choice is introduced where before we acted habitually and automatically. None of this happens, however, by denying or avoiding our present way of being. We must acknowledge and take responsibility for who we are now in order for new horizons to open up.

~Greg Johanson and Ron Kurtz

2 thoughts on “a sweetness

  1. Shinrin-yoku – Forest bathing is no prescribed in Japan for ailments of our modern times, we cannot live disconnected, as if we were leaves plucked from a tree expecting our life will go on …

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