profound peace

What is a healthy mind? Is it simply the absence of symptoms and dysfunctions, or is there something more to a life well lived? I’ve come to believe that integration is the mechanism beneath both the absence of illness and the presence of well-being. Integration- the linkage of differentiated elements of a system- illuminates a direct pathway toward health. It’s the way we avoid a life of dull, boring rigidity on the one hand, or explosive chaos on the other.

Mindsight is the skill that can lead us back to integration. Michelangelo is supposed to have said that his great task as a sculptor was to liberate the figure from the stone. Just so, our tasks to find the impediments to the domains of integration and liberate the mind’s natural drive to heal- to integrate mind, brain, and relationships in the triangle of well- being. As the domains of integration are created and developed, a new dimension of interconnection, “breathing across” seems to emerge. Identity expands; they become aware that they are part of a much larger whole. In research explorations of happiness and wisdom, this sense of interconnection seems to be the heart of living a life of meaning and purpose.

~Daniel J. Siegel

what happens when you believe everything you think?

inquiry for today~ observe. abide. attune. experience. liberate. feel.

exploring self

The wisdom that arises from mindfulness makes space for the sense of self to be and not to be. Not believing any one these fleeting identities to be who we really are, we release being concerned about any of it. In fact, we sit back and watch the whole show like an amused grandmother, quietly watching over the antics of her grandchildren. This is the profound peace we are so busy searching for. It does not come from creating and perfecting our personality. Freedom comes when we see through the machinations of “self” and cease to be bothered by or believe any of it.

~Mark Coleman

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