ok. so now I listen.

Letting go does not mean losing the knowledge we have gained from the past. The knowledge of the past stays with us. To let go is simply to release any images and emotions, grudges and fears, clingings and disappointments that bind our spirit. Like emptying a cup, letting go leaves us free to receive, refreshed, sensitive, and awake.

~Jack Kornfield

I never knew this.

inquiry for today~ nothing is worth more than this feeling of knowing….

ok. now. I see.


to the sound of your feet —

the sound of all of us

and the sound of me.

The stars —

they are for you

and all of us.

They are for me.


Smell the air.

My air is yours and all of ours,

your air is mine.

Your heart can hold everything.

Including the world —

its darkness and its light.

Including your story,

including my story —

including the story

of all of us…

~Holly McGhee

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