home to change

Pretty much each low tide the seal would hoist itself

onto the rock on the bay.

The seal and I watched each other watch the time pass away as well,

which made for a wonderful inter-species connection.

With all the changes in this wild and crazy life,

it can be helpful to remember

there is something in us that is aware of what changes.

Some call it mindfulness. I like to call it non-judging awareness.

Awareness simply notices.

Tide comes in. Tide goes out.

In meditation we cultivate this capacity for clear-seeing,

but we also cultivate a heart that can hold it all.

May you embrace the changes in your life with clarity and compassion.

~Jonathon Foust

it’s the wild season of fall- yet it’s time to slow down….

inquiry for today~ what change is stirring its way into your bones?

how do you find your way?

Change is in the air. 

As the season shifts, so does our energy, our focus and our needs.

How can we best support ourselves

in this transition of season, of energy, of life?

Notice this moment. 

Does external life seem more reckless, more unpredictable?  

And your internal life?  Are you:

Wondering how to live with discernment?

Struggling to make healthier choices, more measured responses?  

Pondering how to live with integrity, in alignment, in action and intention, with your own values?  

Deliberating how to create that sacred pause, in which choice emerges, in which practices can occur, in which you can relax and be held?

~Aruni Nan Futuronsky

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