mastery of being

Perhaps we migrate between love and suffering. Oh praise the soul’s migration. I fall. I get up. I run from you. I look for you. I am again in love with the world.

~Mark Nepo

how we follow each other just to see our own path more clearly….

inquiry for today~ breakthrough. breakout. breakup.

how wickedly sly

Difficulty opens us to moments of grace during which we are reminded of the great vitality beneath the surface of things- beneath the way things seem to be. When we even talk about grace or about any moment of breakthrough into a greater sense of the reality of which we are a part and which we are, we think of it as something extraordinarily pleasant or at least more pleasant than the environment we are in. We believe that if we could only separate from our difficulties, if we could not be so challenged by what occurs day to day we would hav a better opportunity for moments of grace to occur; we would be more able to open to a bigger sense of reality and of who we are. It is interesting that we hold these ideas of what is conducive to grace, to spiritual breakthrough, because they actually contradict the moments when grace shows up. I have found that grace comes more often through great challenges: when we are coming up against some edge in our lives, when we do not know how to handle a situation, or when our normal ways of coping are not useful and we find ourselves on unfamiliar ground.


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