imaginative dawnings

In any moment, something bad and something good are equally possible. Peace-of-being is in what we train ourselves to expect. In early grief especially, it may become a process and practice of choosing to believe in a benign moment. Not good, not bad. Not safe, not in danger. Right here, now, in this moment, you are – neutral. Those spaces in between, where you can breathe, where there is space- those are the places you want. This is what the ancient teaching practices are about: living in that neutral spot. Which is not at all the same as having equanimity “no matter what,” or about being “above” everything somehow. It’s about seeing the current situation, the current environment, for exactly what it is, without embellishment or future fantasy. If you can’t believe in “safety,” aim yourself toward neutral. It’s a much more stable place than fear.

~Megan Divine

when I sit alone under the tree of what may be wise….

inquiry for today~ tiny in between places…..

kinder please

In the strange world of quantum mechanics, an observer and a system-under-observation are seemingly linked such that the observer’s participation affects whatever is studied or observed. In the everyday world, we might recognize the remarkable flourishing that can occur when a person is truly seen and valued by another, acknowledged for their unique magnificence and possibility. Vital, intimate connection with another often brings us exquisitely alive. What if such enlivening is also possible for the wilder Others of Earth?
Once I heard a story from a man who had moved to the Bay Area without knowing a community of people. He rented a house with a sad, neglected lemon tree in the backyard. Maybe because the man was a bit lonely, he would sit by the tree and speak his heart, day after day. After awhile, he noticed that the lemon tree was sending forth new leaves and blossoms. Curiously, this regenerating growth was concentrated on the side where the man spoke aloud to the tree in the respectful manner of a friend.

~Bill Plotkin

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