luminous. spellbound. whole.

In contemporary Western life, the significance of dreams, symbols, visions, subtle images and presences is vastly diminished from an earlier time, when imagination held a privileged position in a cosmology that encompassed more than the modern dualism of matter and spirit. As the intermediary between the realms of the senses and the invisible spirit, the imaginal is not imaginary as in make-believe, but rather the dimension of dream, vision, or image, where we “see” or perceive what is not necessarily manifest to the bodily senses, but rather, to the organ of perception called imagination. It has been believed — by Henri Corbin, Carl Jung, James Hillman and others — that the imaginal is no less real nor less important than the other realms.
The imaginal world is the terrain of the anima mundi, or soul of the world. 
In the Western world, the imaginal dimension and the soul of the world went dim centuries ago — dim, but not entirely lost.

~Geneen Marie Haugen

when I slow down and envision myself exactly as I am….

inquiry for today~ do tell- how to slow enough to cherish your own way?

blinded by dreams

She felt very young-

and at the same time-

unspeakably aged.

~Virginia Woolf

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